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Farmers Hen House Eggs

Our community also produces delicious eggs, and we offer them under the Farmers Hen House brand. Farmers Hen House offers a wide variety of fresh cage-free and organic eggs. We gather the eggs from approximately 30 family farms in eastern Iowa. Many of our farmers grow the grains they feed the hens, and the vast majority of our farms are located within 10 miles of our facility. This allows us to process our eggs swiftly — fresh from the farms. We inspect and pack our eggs using the highest level of quality assurance. Our packaging is made from environmentally friendly materials.

Farmers Hen House Hens

All of the hens producing eggs for Farmers Hen House live in a cage-free environment and eat a vegetarian diet. Our hens do not receive antibiotics.

Animal friendly practices that accommodate natural hen behavior are the norm on our farms. Our farmers believe that giving hens space to move freely results in healthier hens and produces better tasting, more nutritious eggs. Simply understood, humane treatment is not just good for the hens — it’s good for you, too!!