Cottage Cheese

Kalona SuperNatural™ offers organic, minimally-processed, non-homogenized whole milk and reduced fat 2% cottage cheese.  As the name suggests, cottage cheese was first made in the kitchens of country cottages using only the simplest ingredients such as non-homogenized milk, cream, and cultures.  We are proud to follow this timeless tradition, and, as a result, our cottage cheese has a distinctively pure texture and full cheese flavor.

We start with organic milk from grass-fed cows on sustainable family farms.  Once the milk is HTST pasteurized, enzymes are added to start the curd-making process.  Over four to five hours, the curds continue to form inside the cheese vat.  

Upon completion, the whey is removed and transported to a nearby processing facility where it is dried and converted to protein powder for use in other products.   Then, the curds are cut, cooled, and moved to a new vat where the cottage cheese dressing is added.

Our cottage cheese dressing is a blend of nonfat milk, cream, and Celtic Sea Salt ®, an unprocessed whole salt that is hand-harvested on the Brittany coast of France.  These salt farmers, in fact, have much in common with the dairy farmers who produce our milk: they provide food in its most natural state by using traditional farming methods that sustain the region’s environmental integrity.

Kalona SuperNatural™ cottage cheese is non-homogenized so you will find a fresh, cream top.  All you have to do is stir and enjoy!

  • USDA Organic
  • Kosher
  • Made with Celtic Sea Salt®
  • Non-homogenized
  • Grass-fed
  • Grade A
  • High in protein

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