Kalona SuperNatural™ offers unsalted and lightly salted organic butter. Our butter is fresh, 20130205-_MG_6026 Butter Packing Quiet Concentrationcreamy, and delicious because we make it the old-fashioned way. We start with organic milk from grass-fed cows on sustainable family farms.  We separate the cream and churn it into butter almost immediately after the milk arrives at the creamery. We add Celtic Sea Salt ®, an unprocessed whole salt that is hand-harvested on the Brittany coast of France, to create our Lightly Salted Butter.  These salt farmers, in fact, have much in common with the dairy farmers who produce our milk: they provide food in its most natural state by using traditional farming methods that sustain the region’s environmental integrity.

We create our butter in small batches using a hands-on method rarely seen in the 21st century. Our butter 20130205-20130205-_MG_6016 Butter Packingchurn dates from the post-World War II era, and is very small compared to most industrial churns.  Each batch requires the butter maker’s careful supervision to ensure that it turns out just right. After the butter is molded into sticks, it is hand-packed into cartons and ready for the retail shelf.

Kalona SuperNatural™ butter is excellent for cooking, baking, or eating it anyway that you like.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Our cartons not only protect our butter from the elements, but are alsoWind_energy recyclable and environmentally friendly—made using 100% wind energy.

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