Standards & Certification

Certified Humane

CHRH hires RGB 265x300 Standards & CertificationOur Farmers’ Hen House Cage-Free Large Brown, Cage-Free Large White, Cage-Free Omega-3 Large Brown, and Organic Large Brown Eggs are now Certified Humane ® by Humane Farm Animal Care, a national non-profit organization created to improve the lives of farm animals.  Shocked to discover the miserable living conditions of most farm animals in the U.S., Adele Douglass (now the executive director of HFAC), began developing the concept of a certification and consumer label program in 1998.  Douglass had worked as a lobbyist and legislative aide for many years, and she believed that consumer demand would be the most effective way to achieve more responsible animal farm practices.

Humane Farm Animal Care works with animal scientists and veterinarians to set objective standards, conduct annual farms inspections, and certify the humane treatment of farm animals.  Their standards promote natural animal behavior, and include provisions for ample space, nutritious food without antibiotics, and compassionate care and handling throughout the animals’ lives.  Nearly 100 manufacturers of animal products in the U.S. are Certified Humane ®.

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