Meet Our Farmers

The local Amish and Mennonite farmers we work with are passionate, traditional, and committed to producing the highest quality milk on the market. Learn more about a couple of them below!

Our Farmers: Vernon A. Miller


 Our Farmers: James Swanz

The James Swanz family raises sixty New Zealand Holstein-Friesien dairy cows on their farmstead just outside of Kalona, Iowa. James’ cows are grass-fed.   He rotates his cows every 2-3 days between his three paddocks to give them healthy and fresh forage and to keep the pastures in their best condition.

James specifically selects the New Zealand Holstein Friesian for his farm because they are slightly smaller and better suited for grass-fed processes.  When asked what “grass-fed” means to him, he explains it means feeding no grains–and only grasses–365 days a year.  In order to do this in Iowa, James pastures his cows in the spring and summer and gives them access to all the grass and clover they desire.  In the fall and winter, he feeds his cows high quality forage (hay, alfalfa, and grass) that he produces on his own farm.


Learn more about our farmers!