Organic Classic Eggnog

A History of Eggnog

During the holiday season, eggnog is one thing you will find in grocery stores across the globe. Such a popular product makes you wonder: Where did eggnog come from? Though the history of eggnog is debated, most agree that it originated as early as the 13th century in Britain, where it was a symbol of […]


Holiday Traditions

This time of year, many of us take part in family traditions that have existed for generations. It’s one of my favorite parts of the holidays! Whether your friends and family go caroling, head to numerous parties, or stay in and bake an assortment of holiday goodies–we all have our family traditions. Our household has […]

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Immediate Openings for Truck Drivers

These are exciting times at our fast growing, family of entrepreneurial companies!  We are currently seeking qualified truck drivers to join the ARTI (Awesome Refrigerated Transit of Iowa) team. Our drivers have dedicated routes that include the states of Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Illinois and other mid-west states, allowing them to be home weekly! Routes average between 2300-2500 […]


Eggnog Tiramisu

Looking for a holiday recipe that looks extravagant and tastes delicious? This dessert is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next holiday party.  Eggnog Tiramisu Ingredients 6 Farmers Hen House egg yolks 1 cup sugar 2 cups Kalona SuperNatural™ Organic Classic Eggnog 2 tbsp Kalona SuperNatural™ Whole Milk 1 1/4 cup Kalona SuperNatural™ Whipping Cream 1 […]

2014 1126 Bret's Table Eggnog Panna Cotta

Eggnog Panna Cotta by Chef Bret Bannon

This simple, yet sophisticated treat will surely leave all of your holiday guests wanting more! This recipe makes eight 4-ounce servings. Eggnog Panna Cotta Ingredients Nonstick cooking spray 4 tablespoons cold Kalona SuperNatural™ Organic Whole Milk 2 envelopes powdered gelatin 1 quart prepared Kalona SuperNatural™ Classic Eggnog Eggnog Panna Cotta Directions Spray ramekins with a […]

Eggnog Beauty Shot

Celebrate the Holidays with our Classic Eggnog

Many of you will be enjoying our classic eggnog over the next few weeks. It’s fresh and supremely delicious. We use no thickening additives in our eggnog-giving it a pleasant, creamy finish. Without the use of synthetic stabilizers, you’ll notice that our blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves settle to the bottom of the bottle. […]

Leek and Potato Soup

Leek and Potato Soup with Half-Half and Chives by Deborah Madison

This very basic, simple soup of leeks, potatoes, water, and half & half never fails to please. It’s delightful throughout the entire year—chilled in the summer, warm in the fall—and easy to make!  Amounts will tend to vary some, depending on the size of your leeks.   If leeks are not available, they can be replaced with scallions. […]

Chocolate Gateau Cake

Chocolate Gateau Recipe from Chef Bret Bannon

This delicious Chocolate Gateau is made without flour which makes it extremely light and spongy. A rich luxury and a perfect dessert for that dinner party you are hosting. This will be the talk of the night! Chocolate Gateau Ingredients 1 pound (500 grams) 53 – 65 percent chocolate cut into small pieces 1/2 pound […]

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake Video

Strawberry Lemon Ice Cream Cake

Even though summer has passed, this strawberry-lemon ice cream cake recipe still hits the spot. Want to know how to make this amazing strawberry-lemon ice cream cake recipe? It’s super easy! Just follow along with Hailey Boudreau as she takes you step by step from start to finish. Want to make homemade strawberry ice cream? […]

Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream

This classic strawberry ice cream recipe is made infinitely better with Kalona SuperNatural products! Our fresh milk and whipping cream brings you full flavor. Follow along with Hailey Boudreau as she takes you step by step through this recipe. And if you want to take this to the next level, try the strawberry-lemon ice cream […]