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Some customer quotes about Kalona SuperNatural™ products:

You guys rock!!

My husband and I have been purchasing your products for quite some time now (ages 66 and 54) and are continually wow’d. Your devotion to keeping the yogurts low sugar and high protein is commendable.

Besides your outstanding whipping cream and sour cream, our favorites include the Supernatural Vanilla 2% Yogurt, Supernatural Greek Whole Milk Yogurt, and the Supernatural Vanilla and Lavender (which we personally treat as dessert).

We realize how much work is involved to stay within the confines of all the regulations concerning organic products and truly applaud your efforts.

Thank you so much.


Good Evening, Kalona!

I first tasted your delicious milk while on vacation in Iowa. When I saw that it was available at our local San Antonio Sprouts store, I was almost embarrassingly giddy! Thank you so much for bringing this delicious, nourishing milk to our neck of the woods. San Antonio is a wonderful place to live ~ you just made it a little bit better :) Please thank the Amish and Mennonite farmers for us. It’s clear by the taste of this sweet milk — those are some happy, happy cows!

Blessings & Much Appreciation,


Dear Kalona SuperNatural,Kalona SuperNatural Organic Whole Milk Cottage Cheese

You have ruined cottage cheese for me. Let me follow that by telling you how much I love you. I used to be able to go to any grocery store and purchase whatever cottage cheese was on sale that day. (I love cottage cheese). However, I was introduced to you, and everything changed. Seriously, your cottage cheese is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Oh my god the 4% milkfat? What a dream. Here is where the problem lies: I started travel nursing and can no longer walk the few blocks In Minnesota to purchase your creamy goodness. I struck out in Washington and Oregon (it was a long six months). I have moved to Colorado and now drive the thirty minutes to purchase cottage cheese. I have to stockpile and if I can’t control myself I need to drive the thirty minutes back to the store two days later. It’s an obsession. Anyways, keep on rocking. If you could refrigerate pack cottage cheese and ship it to me, I would totally accept.

Your number one fan!


Your strawberry yogurt brings me back to simpler (and, yet, more complex) times.

Organic 2percent Strawberry YogurtI fell in love with yogurt in Rwamagana, Rwanda while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I do not, in general, indulge in dairy products – but there was one small store in my town that had a refrigerator and, I suppose, after so long without truly cold products touching my lips, I was desperate enough to lust for yogurt.

I had seen how the Rwandese treated this yogurt. They would first shake it wildly – “like a Polaroid picture,” if you will – and then jam a straw through the top to drink it. I asked, “Is this drinking yogurt?” Apparently, I thought drinking yogurt was separate from regular yogurt – but it turns out, that misconception is a direct result of the inauthentic, corn syrup-y, corn starch-y slop the United States passes off as yogurt. My misconception was corrected soon after my first trip to that small store in Rwamagana.

Philip, the shopkeeper, sold me the yogurt out of a freezer (so, so deliciously cold that it seemed verboten) and exchanged my Rwandan francs for a straw. I worked across the street at the Rwamagana Hospital, and since it is improper to eat in public in Rwanda, I waited until I was at my desk to savor the yogurt.

It was silky and smooth. It was sweet like real strawberries, but not as sweet as sugar. It was slightly tart. It was entirely refreshing. I was sad when my straw’s slurp told me it was empty.

Philip did not always have yogurt because the Rwandan company producing it, Masaka Farms, was just starting out. He would always tell me when he would pick yogurt up from the capital – he requested brief English lessons from the exchanges and, although I did not request it, I acquired cultural lessons. It was a beautiful series of moments in my life.

Many foods tasted differently on my return to my home country – carrots, pineapple, and avocado chief among them. But I missed no product from Rwanda more than I missed Masaka Farms yogurt. There was no yogurt in the United States with a sugar content less than 15g, or with a refreshing, almost-Earth-grown taste.

– until I found you, Kalona SuperNatural.

I found you in Rockville, Maryland at Fresh Market. My husband and I had found a natural foods store that did not remind us of the overtly corporatized Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods on a vacation to Williamsburg, VA and found out a new Fresh Market opened in Rockville, where we both worked. Fresh Market was instrumental in getting my husband’s diabetes under control in a way that was enjoyable – and did not turn eating into a pleasureless chore. That’s how we found you, Kalona. (I hope you don’t mind that I address you so informally.)

Yogurt has a LOT of carbs and sugar – even the “greek” yogurt everyone brags about is over my husband’s (and ergo my) limit. Your yogurt was the only one we could find with 10g or fewer of carbohydrates. We bought you for your carb content, for your simple list of ingredients, and, in a secondary way, for your friendly logo – but I knew I had found something special the first time I opened you.

Long story slightly less long – we live 45 minutes away from Rockville and have both moved onto other, closer jobs. We found ways to get the other products Fresh Market offered, but I make a special, once monthly sojourn to Rockville to buy a one-month supply of your yogurt. It’s worth it.

As a high school teacher of 162 students, my breaks during the day are few and far between. I pack a 2% Kalona SuperNatural strawberry yogurt in the morning. Mid-morning, when lunch seems impossibly distant, I become Rwandese: I vigorously shake the container, and then I jam a straw through the foil top. I slurp my way back to a place and time when I was younger, tanner, and more idealistic. I was an outsider taking part in a yogurt ritual – expressing my desire to be one with the community through yogurt. You give me that small piece of paradise Monday through Friday. Your yogurt is so entirely refreshing. It is everything real yogurt should be.

I understand if you do not love me as much as I love you – I just thought you should know.

Take another little piece of my heart,

Hi I live in Topeka, KS and use your “Famers Hen House Eggs”; they are the best. Also have visited Kalona community the last two years and have enjoyed the beautiful farms and great people.
Don Rogers

Our family recently completed a whole dozen eggs that ALL had double yolks. Our family and the people we shared this with were surprised. We thought you should be aware of this event. The eggs were very good. If you are able to locate this chicken she should be commended for
her fine work!

I want to express my deep appreciation for the dairy products your company sells. It’s hard to find organic plain yogurt and organic non-homogenized milk in most supermarkets, and I was thrilled to discover that our store carried both of them.

And, I often buy the Farmer’s Hen House Organic Eggs, which I understand are produced from Amish and Mennonite growers. Ever since I came upon this brand, I’ve been eating a lot more eggs in my diet, knowing that they were raised humanely and more naturally than the conventional “factory farm” method. Thank you for providing these!
Ryan Ballantyne

Five months ago my family discovered Kalona SuperNatural™ – your sour cream and cottage cheese are hands down top notch–far, far beyond quality and taste from what the other two major national organic brands (which we refuse to buy) can deliver (and their corporate policies and treatment of “small” family farms leave much to be desired). When I was at my store this evening there was Kalona SuperNatural™ Vanilla Yogurt (first time on the store’s shelf), and the yogurt is outrageous too.
Wayne Burkey and family
Brooklyn, New York

Your sour cream is absolutely the best I have ever had – this is so much like what we had when I was a child (65 next year!). I have recommended this to so many others – I wouldn’t but anything else!

I use it to liven up a sauce and make me think I am having something creamy and rich.

You are doing a wonderful job and I will watch for your other products.
Sandra Batterman

I discovered your sour cream this past weekend and it is the best sour cream we have ever had; didn’t know sour cream could have such flavor. It will be a staple in our home from now on as it will be condiment for most things!
Pam Simpson

I just wanted to tell you that your plain yogurt is the best Ive ever had. I love yogurt but had just about given on the commercial stuff because it is full of sugar or worse aspertame or suralose. But your yogurt is so good I drive out of my way to get it. Just thought you should know.
Woodstock Illinois

I am writing to tell you that I just discovered your milk and I am thrilled. I am aware that stores cant sell raw milk in most states, but this comes pretty close. I have never smelled milk that was so fresh and tasted so good. I cant wait to buy more and to try your other products. They are not super easy to find where we live but I will certainly do everything I can to find them. There is nothing more important than what we put in our bodies and I feel wonderful about feeding your products to my family. Thank you for all that you do for your animals and for us, the consumers.
Wendy Witt-Karch
Cary, Illinois

I wanted to write to let you know how appreciative I am to have found your yogurt (at Hyvee grocery store, Rochester, MN). Many years ago I lived in Japan and ate fresh, natural yogurt for breakfast each morning. I have been unable to find anything comparable until now. In fact, I had stopped eating yogurt altogether to avoid the high sugar content and artificial flavors. Thank you for producing a wonderfully tasty and natural yogurt.

I am sending this email to tell you how wonderful your yogurt is! The Cultural Revolution Vanilla flavor is the best! I want my daugther to eat beneficial live cultures but the yogurt I usually find at the store is filled with sugar among other things! She is 9 months old and cant get enough of this stuff. I love it too. I have NEVER tasted a yogurt with so little sugar that tastes SO good! I am so happy with this product. I will buy as often as possible.
Melrose Park, IL

I just could not hold myself from not writing you and not encouraging you to maintain the quality of the products you have! I love your yogurt and your cottage cheese! I just want to let you know what a wonderful job you have done! Please keep it up! Please keep using minimal ingredients. To me, the fewer ingredients, the better the product. No added sugars, no natural or artificial flavorings, no preservatives… I know companies, as they go for more business, want to increase their sales and turn to the wrong path losing quality of the product by adding ingredients that take away from the flavors of products in their natural state. Those who appreciate natural foods will stay loyal to you forever. Like me.

I simply want to tell you that two weeks ago I bought my first carton of your organic lowfat cottage cheese and it is absolutely the best cottage cheese I have ever had. Congratulations on an unusually good food product.
David Hill

I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how much my family LOVES your milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and sour cream. Thank you so very much for making non-homogenized milk products. We dont feed our two-year-old daughter anything else.
The Williams Family

My wife and I would like to thank you for this great tasting yogurt! Weve searched high and low to find an alternative to the major brands, all of which seem to be filled with high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, and who knows what else. We were pleased to discover such a wonderful alternative, produced > locally—another plus as far as were concerned. Weve tried several flavors of your lowfat variety now and enjoy them all.
M. Larson, Cedar Rapids, IA

I have never written a food company before, but I just have to tell you that I LOVE the Cultural Revolution organic yogurt!

Im a yogurt and cheese snob and havent found anything I like since experiencing great products while living in France. This yogurt… is delicious and has a great texture.

Thanks for producing such a wonderful product. Delicious, healthy, and hormone-free!

I just HAD to write to tell you that your new yogurt IS THE BEST I have EVER tasted–it is amazingly good!! Do you have t-shirts that you sell to the public?

I would love to advertise for you!!
Amy S

I just went by Mississippi Market Food Co-op in St. Paul and picked up a container of your Cultural Revolution Plain Organic Yogurt. Im generally not much of a fan of plain yogurt, but I have had an infection that Im trying to wipe out, so Ive been cutting sugar out of my diet and adding live active cultures. My previous favorite yogurt was Brown Cow, but my taste buds were truly transformed having tasted yours. … I could easily have sucked down the full 24 oz. in one sitting, but had to exercise extreme control to save some for breakfast tomorrow morning.
D. Hilgendorf

I went to your website because I was so impressed with your Cultural Revolution yogurt. Its the best Ive ever had! I wanted to see if you offered any other products. Also, I wanted to know where your yogurt is sold in my area. Im not even sure where I purchased the yogurt…it was either at Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Do you sell to any other stores in the metro Detroit area?
C. Fry
Southfield, MI

THANK YOU, THANK YOU. This is like the milk I remember when I was a kid. Your milk is not only drinkable by my family, but the stuff TASTES GOOD! We are so grateful for your milk.
Jean “Kit” Carson

I wanted to let you know your vanilla Cultural Revolution yogurt is the best yogurt I have ever ate !!!!!!! Very fresh taste & the lower sugar & carbs were a wonderful change in the way yogurt is made by others. Exactly the type I was looking for.
C. Stark
Byron, IL

I found your milk at the Whole Foods Market in Ann Arbor, MI. I realize now that that is a great ways from where you all are at, but I am thankful that you are shipping your milk this way. I just happened to stumble across it when I was in the milk section and had to bring it home with me. Great stuff!

Thank you for your great milk product. We have been looking everywhere for nonhomogenized milk and love your product. My husband said that I made his day when I came home with nonhomogenized milk. Keep up the great distribution of Gods awesome creation of milk. Thank you!

I found your milk in the market where I go every week. It looked so creamy at first I hesitated to purchase, but I tried it anyway since I am more adventurous when it comes to food. Thank you so much for the good milk!! It is so good!! What I purchased was 2% reduced fat milk, but it had FULL milk flavor! I used it in simple recipes like pancakes and blueberry muffins, and it gave full and rich flavor! Again I just wanted to say thank you for producing and sharing all of your great products. I hope it will be widely available so everyone get a chance to re-think about pasteurizing and homogenizing products.
June Grant
Atlanta, GA

I have been trying for quite some time to find milk that my family could drink. My husband, son, and daughter are all lactose intolerant. When we visited England a few years ago, we found fresh milk that my family was able to drink without popping Lactase pills. I have since searched for such a product in Georgia. A few months ago, I found your product sold in Dekalb Farmers Market. We tried it; we love it.

I am writing to let you know I really enjoy your organic whole milk. I happened to find it at a Jewel Food Store in Bartlett, IL. I live one town over from Bartlett, IL. Usually I go to Whole Foods in Wheaton, IL to buy organic milk and products. I wholeheartedly support organic foods. I am so delighted to have found your product. I know of nowhere else to find grass-fed, vat pasteurized, non-homogenized, non-GMO fed, etc. milk. I have not seen the butter there, but I will be sure to look for it as I would purchase that also. Thank goodness for people like you.
Kathleen M. Patterson

I wanted to send a note and say that your organic milk is by far the BEST I have ever tasted! WOW! Keep up the awesome work; it is a privilege to consume your product.
Frank Filippello

Im writing to inform you that I purchased your milk in a Petes grocery store in Chicago. This Petes is on Pulaski near 47th Street. I was just hoping that you would keep the milk there as this is by far the best milk I have ever laid a lip on! And I will buy it all the time! Thats a promise! I will inform the manager at Petes to keep this milk on hand if he could.
AnaMarie Gauthier

The other day I happened to be at a Whole Foods Store in the Chicago Suburbs and purchased a 1/2 gallon of your milk. I could not wait to open it and have a drink at home, so I opened the bottle and had some in my car. The milk tasted great. Took me back 60 years when the milk was delivered and you had some cream at the top of the bottle. I will never go back to the other brands again.
Leonard Zablocki

I purchased your milk Friday after seeing a demo set up at the HyVee in West Des Moines. You have a new loyal customer. Thank you. I am impressed with the awareness that is put into you products! I feel completely good about the products and will continue to use them and recommend them to others, as I am a Naturopathic Physician.

You have a great product. I am so happy to have found a natural-tasting yogurt without all the sugar and without the ARTIFICIAL sweetening! Great job!
K. Earnest
Coralville, Iowa

I have to say, I LOVE your yogurt! It tastes great and is affordable enough I can eat as much as I want and it makes it easy to eat organic & healthy. I also like the fact you do not add sugar like many other similar organic products do – that is the main reason I choose your product over others.
Jeremy Goemaat

I recently tasted the yogurt and loved it. Usually I have to choke yogurt down because its labelled as healthy but this was outstanding. I purchased a container while visiting a friend in Wheaton, IL at the Whole Foods Market….but I do not live near there. Are you able to tell me if you sell the yogurt anywhere closer to South Elgin, IL 60177? I did not see it at the Fresh Market in zip 60134 which is where I can find a lot of organic items. Thanks for any help you can give.
T. Bider

We just want to tell you that it is the Best Milk we have had since I was a child on my own farm. I have not been able to drink milk because I developed such an allergy to it when I was 23 years old. It was after I no longer had my farm milk that I developed an allergy to it. I would have just a little in my coffee and it would send me to the ER. I would just choke to death on it. I could not have milk or cheese, but now I can put this on cereal and do fine with it. My granddaughter and daughters as well as my husband and I love the taste of this milk.
The Lemons Family

Just wanted to let you know that my family has never tasted milk like yours. My kids refuse to drink any other milk now! They think your 2% tastes like whole milk. It is just wonderful! I did not know you also do butter and cheese-will have to try it! Thanks from Colorado…
Pat Berndt

After getting back from an extended stay in France, I started searching for an American yogurt that didn\’t taste like Jello pudding. About a year back, I discovered your yogurt and have been a pretty loyal customer ever since. What I found appealing in your product was that it was less sweet, and thinner in texture than most American yogurts, i.e. more like what I found in France.
Jeff Abel

I just wanted to let your company know that its been almost 12 years since I last drank regular milk. I have been a regular consumer of soy milk for this time period, but since having tried your 1% non-homogenized organic milk, I since remembered what I had been missing. I purchased your product at my local farmers market here in Atlanta, GA and plan to buy no other brand, now. Thank you for such a great product.