Cream Top Organic Yogurt Updates


Cream Top Organic Yogurt Updates

It is with some sadness that we share today that we have made a decision to discontinue our single serve 2% cream top organic yogurts.  However, for our loyal 2% cream top yogurt fans, the good news is that the 24 oz. plain cream top organic yogurt and 24 oz. vanilla cream top organic yogurt are still available.

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Our team made this decision for a variety of reasons:

  1. Offering both 2% and 5% cream top yogurt products has historically created some confusion for both our retailers and consumers.
  2. Our Kalona SuperNatural customers generally prefer our whole milk products over reduced fat products.
  3. This change allows us to focus on getting distribution of a limited set of our unique cream top yogurt products in a very competitive, shelf space restricted category.

For those loyal 2% cream top consumers, we hope you will be happy with our larger sizes or be willing to give our 5% cream top a try!  If your current retailer isn’t carry our cream top yogurt, please request the product or have them contact us for more information.  

Cream Top Yogurt Attributes

And if you haven’t heard about why our organic cream top yogurt is so great, you should take a moment and read more about it!  But we will hit the highlights for you here:

  • Non-homogenized.  That is why we call it cream top yogurt!  The cream will rise to the cup of the cup.  All you do is stir it in and enjoy!  
  • European-style.  Our organic cream top yogurts are known as European-style yogurts.  This means a few different things.  First, you will definitely notice the tartness of the yogurt.  Second, even when we do add flavors, the yogurt is flavored lightly to allow the tartness of the yogurt to still be the primary flavor component.  
  • Lower in sugar.  Due to our lightly flavored approach, our cream top yogurts tend to be lower in sugar than others.